C20 - 3 inch Boxed Cactus Kit


3 inch Boxed Cactus Kit   size about 6 ½ x 4 ½ x 7   weight about 3 to 4 pounds

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This cactus kit offers you a choice of cactus dish pot with a cactus. Nice and elegant yet easy and simple.

Watering and care instructions are on printed the side of the box. Cannot Freeze.

Boxed Cactus Kits generally ship within 3 to 5 business days.

Sign-Post to read Cactus Territory unless otherwise specified. Read the bottom of the Boxed Cactus Page for other options.

You can choose your pot style and color otherwise the cactus pot you receive will be random.

About Boxed Cactus Kits

The Boxed Cactus Kits are a fun gift or project packaged with a southwest design box. Each cactus in the kits comes in the planted in the plastic pot it has been growing in. We have worked with cactus since 1984 at our certified cactus nursery in Arizona USA. We hand pick a variety of cactus plants and assemble them into a boxed cactus kit. There is some extra soil, decorative rock, and a sign-post in each kit. Some additional soil may be desired. We have designed and offer 3 styles of Cactus Dish pots for the kit. Saguaro with Mountains, Kokopelli with Pueblo buildings, and our Images design which contains chilis, gecko, cactus and hummingbird all on one pot. These cactus dishes are made of high quality Hi-Fire Stoneware pottery. The cactus plants pictured are a sample of our assortment. The actual cactus in an item or garden purchased will always vary from what is pictured. Inquiries about large orders for, special occasions, convention gifts, or purchasing for retail stores please give us a call.
Customer assumes responsibility and liability if requesting shipment during freezing conditions.

See more general cactus information on the bottom of the Boxed Cactus Page.